Architectural Photography/Videography

A byproduct of my passion for landscape photography is my ability to take superior real estate photos and architectural photos.  As a leading real estate and architectural photographer in the St. George area, you will find my images to be of exceptional quality.  I have a minimal number of openings per week.  If you have a need coming up, I encourage you to contact me early to take advantage of my limited availability.  Alternately I work with other professional photographers who’s availability is much better than mine.  Please reach out to me if you feel like taking advantage of their services.

Things to be mindful of when scheduling my services:

A. Make sure the property will be available and that I am supplied with gate codes for gated communities.

B. Homes are easier to photograph if the owners are not present.  Encourage owners to go to dinner or find an activity to participate in while pictures are taken.

C. Make sure that all light bulbs have been replaced, both exterior and interior.  Ensure like colored bulbs if possible.

D. Ask the owner to have every room in photo-worthy condition upon my arrival.  I do not offer maid services or interior decorator services.


Architectural Photography Pricing


Best Value

Alternate Photographer

$150Up to 20 images
  • High quality photographer with better availability than Jeremiah. *Price is for natural lighted images only. *$7.50 per additional image


$250Up to 2500 sq ft
  • *Price is for natural lighted images only. *Flash photography upgrade of 50% applies. *For homes over 2500 sq ft the additional cost is $15/100 sq ft.


$350Includes twilight illumination shot. Up to 2500 sq ft
  • For homes over 2500 sq ft the additional cost is $15/100 sq ft. Similar conditions to the Basic package apply.


$125Aerial images of home and views


$7003500 sq ft or less
  • $100 increase for additional 1,000 sq ft
  • $150 to add aerial footage

Commercial Architecture Photography

$100Hourly rate for time spent on location
  • Per delivered image charge of $95 - minimum 2