Jeremiah calls St. George, Utah home.  He was raised in Utah County and began to enjoy the art of photography in his teen years. His father’s old Pentax K1000 served as the perfect learning tool.  While only studying basic photography principles on 35 mm film in black & white in college, he learned enough to get going.  He spent as much extra time as he had in the darkroom on the college campus processing prints.  He always felt that nobody could teach him what scenes he wanted to capture, because only he knew what he wanted.

Me Shooting Photos (Medium)

Through the end of his college days he began honing his skills with a digital SLR.  For ten years now he has been capturing fine photographs with his digital SLRs and has also branched into the world of large format film photography.

Jeremiah loves to get out and hike with his camera gear whenever he can.  It doesn’t matter how much he has to carry, he will get it there.  The Southwestern United States is host to an amazing collection of geological wonders and Jeremiah is living in the heart of it.  While he has traveled away from this region for some of his images, the majority of images available for purchase are from this area.  

You will not be disappointed with any of the images on this site; Jeremiah sees everything for the beauty it is and you surely will too.  His eye is constantly towards the horizon in search of beautiful landscapes.  If he does not have camera gear with him, Jeremiah is sure to make note to all who are with him of just how beautiful of a landscape is before him.

Keep checking back to this site as some of his large format film prints will become available in the near future, along with photos that will be part of an exclusive “Blends” gallery.